Transforming Innovation for Sustainability

Innovation x Sustainability Alliance

Who We Are

We are a group of practitioners around the world working in the intersection of innovation and sustainability.

Through our work, we have come to realise that the prevailing methods for innovation aren’t well suited for sustainability. 

We found ourselves modifying our accelerators, incubators, joint-ventures, and investments in a quest for new ways to maximise sustainability impact. 

Rather than doing it separately, we have come together to forge a manifesto.

Our Mission

We are transforming the way we innovate for sustainability by focusing on six core principles that have pronounced consequences in achieving impact:

1. Intentionality is our bedrock

2. "One size fits all" is dead

3. Impact, not monetary gains, is our true measure of success

4. There is no shame in doing well and doing good

5. Mental wellbeing is the elixir of success

6. Inclusivity extends beyond people

Just like the Agile Manifesto, we aim to trigger change in the sustainability startup ecosystem by proposing a set of fundamental principles from which various frameworks can be built on.

Join Us

We embody a mindset

We are building a movement

We represent ourselves as individuals

We do not have any commercial interests

  We are not a company, organization, or institute

IxSA is owned by nobody, and by everybody

Join our deep network as we create frameworks, models, and white papers based on our manifesto. Each person who joins us also endorses the IxSA Principles, applying them in work being done in the innovation x sustainability space.  

We have no requirement other than your goodwill in contributing towards the movement, and helping us to make a meaningful difference in our journey towards a sustainable future for generations to come.

Simply add IxSA to your curriculum on LinkedIn to display your endorsement of the manifesto. You will then see other endorsers to expand you network to. Follow the IxSA LinkedIn page to see what other members are up to and post your own "Doings" to showcase them. 

Use this network to your advantage, start with people sharing your values when you need partners, experts, coworkers and tighten your bonds with other members. Share your successes to benefit other members.
What matters is that our IxSA values spread and empowers impact, fomenting the soil from which more initiatives to boost innovation for sustainability will emerge.

Our Manifesto

1. Intentionality is our bedrock

a). Be authentic

b). Alignment of purpose, integrity, transparency, and accountability is critical from the beginning

c). Purpose obsession, not just being purpose-driven, is necessary for impact

2. "One size fits all" is dead

a). Any lag time between cause and effect is par for the course and should be embraced

b). Expectations must reflect different development speeds, needs, and time frames of technologies, markets, and desired outcomes

c). Sustainability innovations may require a prolonged investment in time and money, with a higher element of risk

d). Co-creation of financial instruments with stakeholders will align them with the needs, timeframes, and contexts of desired impacts

3. Impact, not monetary gains, is our true measure of success

a). Impact is our North Star and requires resolve to weather short-term volatility

b). Nature and social capital accounting are necessary, even if they are best-guesses at the start

c). Value allocation is as important as value creation

d). Continuous impact measurement matters more than infrequent result snapshots

e). A systematic approach is required to measure impact outside and inside the organization

4. There is no shame in doing well and doing good

a). Passion for sustainability is necessary, but not sufficient

b). Reward from doing good is not only commendable, but essential

c). Mentors, experts, and other ecosystem players could be recognized and rewarded with stipend, equity/profit share, or first access to future business opportunities

5. Mental wellbeing is the elixir of success

a). A diverse culture and mental wellbeing is foundational for creating and sustaining better performance and outcomes

b). Inner wellbeing is critical for us to be part of the solution: if we ourselves are unwell, grappling with climate change, habitat loss, extinction, eco-anxiety is challenging

c). Doing good work has a 'feel good' effect, but we must remember it is still "work" and therefore should be balanced with having enough time for oneself

6. Inclusivity extends beyond people

a). Innovations from any place on earth can provide inspiration and ideas, yet their context-aware adaptation is critical for success

b). Open cooperation across programs is needed to build holistic, outcome-based solutions 

c). Design Thinking should be applied throughout the entire ecosystem to adapt capabilities

e). Constant engagement with stakeholders is necessary for alignment of desired impacts

Founding Team

Sang Shin
Temasek, Director of Digital Innovation

Dr. Thorsten Lambertus
Fraunhofer, Head of Company Building

Desmond M. Koh, OLY 
Compassion Capitalist

Matteo Chiampo
SecondMuse, Technical Director

Durwin Ho 
StartupX, Founder

 Nadya Hutagalung
United Nations Environmental Program, Goodwill Ambassador

Yann LeMoël
Living Labs Federation, Founder

Amarit Charoenphan
Impact Collective, ASEAN Director

Wyin Kok
Temasek, Digital Technology Associate

Lawrence Wong
Accenture, Principal Director

Szue Hann Tan
Singapore Institute of Architects, Chairman Sustainability

Dr. Gordana Ilic
Microsoft for Sustainability Innovation Program Lead, Creitive

Mayur Singh
Green Collective / mattrvest, Co-founder

Jenni Risku
Women in Tech Asia, Founder

Victoria Prado
The Contentment Foundation, Outreach Director Brazil

Annie Luu
Fingerprint for Success, Global Innovation Director

Edward Yee
Givfunds Social Ventures, Co-founder

Pierrick Bouffaron
National University Singapore, Director, Development & New Ventures

Michele Dyson
Consultant & Facilitator | Transition to a low-carbon economy

Johny Tay
Idealogy, Venture builder and investor

Kay Vasey
MeshMinds Foundation, Founder 

Leanne Robers Founder
She Loves Tech, Co-founder

Jamil Wyle
World Bank, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Specialist

Joyce Tay
StartupX, Chief Strategy Officer

Marialine Verdickt
Circular Economy Club, Founder

Rene Schaffer
voelstapine, Circular economy in supply chains

Farwizah Farhan
Haka, Co-founder

Christian Walter
SDGx, Founding Partner

Luuk Eliens
Node, Chief Commercial Officer

Nicolas Chow
Plug and Play Tech Center, Head Of Sustainability Europe

Jessica Cheam
Eco-Business, Managing Director

Shaun Wang
Lonsdale Capital, Head of Social Innovation

Sikai Chen
Tri-Sector Associates, Project Lead

Cody Simms
Techstars, SVP and Partner

Karla Barradas
UNDP, Youth Engagement Associate

Jocelyn Matyas
SecondMuse, Venture Development Lead

Peter Vandor
Vienna University Social Entrepreneurship Center,
Division Manager & Sr. Researcher

Thomas Kraker von Schwarezenfeld
b-labs, CEO

Hannah Helmke
right. based on science, Co-founder and CEO 

Manuela Moollan
Walk The Talk, Co-founder 

Marina Dubois
Inclusion & Energy at GERES France, Program Head

Sonja Stuchtey
Alliance4Europe, Chair of Supervisory Board 

Andrew Outhwaite
For Blue, Managing Director

Arndt Husar
Asian Development Bank (ADB), Digital Technology for Development

Marco Janezic
Blue Ribbon Partners GmbH, Founder

Shiva Susarla
RENERGii Asia, Managing Director

Amira Diamond
Women's Earth Alliance, Co-founder

Irma Sitompul
Pratisara Bumi Foundation, Co-founder & Advisor 

Martin Enault
Entrepreneur and mental health ambassador

Sean Nazerali

Shayne Veramallay
CARBON Group Global, Co-founder

Martin Wainstein
Open Earth Foundation, Founder

Emmanuel Francois
SBA Smart Buidings Alliance, Chairman

Youngmin Noh 
[IxSA Operations]
Temasek, Creative Technologist

See all endorsers of IxSA here.